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What to Include in your Bridal Emergency Kit

couple on their wedding day with the veil swept around them giving advice for what to include in a bridal emergency kit

Your Bridal Emergency Kit Essentials

Weddings are magical, but let’s be honest, they can also be chaotic. I’ve been photographing weddings for more than a decade and I’ve seen some stuff… Have you ever wondered what could save the day when unexpected mishaps occur? Enter the bridal emergency kit. Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or the wedding planner, understanding what to include in your bridal emergency kit is essential. Why? Because being prepared means you can swiftly tackle any challenge, allowing the wedding day to proceed flawlessly. Curious about what makes the ultimate bridal emergency kit? You’re in the right place!


My journey through countless weddings, both professionally as a photographer and personally, has shown me the undeniable value of a well-stocked bridal emergency kit. From last-minute snags to unforeseen headaches, these kits are the unsung heroes of wedding day success. That’s why I’m passionate about sharing this essential checklist with you.

What to Include in your Bridal Emergency Kit

bride laughing next to her wedding gown if it gets a stain the bridal emergency kit could help get out

Essential Beauty Products

No bridal emergency kit is complete without beauty essentials. Think of anything that can help maintain your look throughout the day. Include items like blotting papers to combat shine, a mini hairspray for flyaways, and clear nail polish for any unexpected snags. Lipstick for touch-ups, a compact mirror, and even a small sewing kit for any dress mishaps are also must-haves. Remember, the goal is to look and feel your best from start to finish.

  • Blotting papers to keep that bridal glow shine-free and picture-perfect.
  • Mini hairspray and bobby pins for those flyaway hairs or to refresh your hairstyle.
  • Clear nail polish for last-minute snags or chipped nails.
  • Lip balm and lipstick for touch-ups to keep your smile photo-ready.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

If you have a dress with buttons I can’t recommend a crochet hook enough! It will make all the difference in doing up all those little loops!!

  • Safety pins and a mini sewing kit for unexpected rips or loose buttons.
  • Double-sided tape to keep everything in place, from plunging necklines to strapless silhouettes.
  • Stain remover pen because spills happen, but they don’t have to ruin your look.

Health and Comfort Items

It’s a long day, and comfort is key. Pack items like band-aids for any blisters from those new shoes, pain relievers for unexpected headaches, and antacids for any tummy troubles. Don’t forget about allergy pills if you’re prone to reactions. Hydration is also crucial, so including some water and snacks can be a lifesaver for maintaining energy levels throughout the celebrations.

  • Pain reliever for headaches or unexpected aches.
  • Band-aids for any blisters from those beautiful but often uncomfortable shoes.
  • Antacid because stomach nerves or indulging in the delicious feast shouldn’t cause discomfort.
  • Allergy Pills if your prone to food or environmental allergies

bride being walked down the aisle in southern califonia by her dad - the bridal emergency kit can come in handy for heel stops to prevent shoes from sinking into the grass

Miscellaneous Must-Haves

This category covers everything else you might not think of but will be grateful to have. Extra earring backs, safety pins, and a small scissors can come in handy. Super glue for any sudden breaks and a stain remover pen for any spills are also brilliant additions.

  • Snacks and water to stay energized and hydrated without having to raid the buffet.
  • Extra earring backs because losing one is surprisingly easy and fixing it should be too.
  • Breath mints to ensure your first kiss as a married couple is as fresh as your love.
  • Tissues because duh


As you pack your bridal emergency kit, remember, it’s the small details that pave the way for a flawless day. And as an Orange County wedding photographer and videographer, I’m not just here to capture your day; I’m here to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible, providing tips and insights like these that come from years of experience.

If you’re on the hunt for a photographer or videographer who cares deeply about making your Southern California wedding as memorable and stress-free as possible, look no further. I pride myself on capturing the beauty and emotion of your special day, ensuring every moment is preserved for a lifetime. Let’s create something beautiful together.

And while we hope you won’t need to use everything in it, you’ll be thankful for the peace of mind it brings. Now, go forth and celebrate your love, knowing you’re prepared for anything the day throws your way.

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