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Tanque Verde Ranch Wedding: Tucson, Az

Nestled in the desert of Tucson, Arizona, Tanque Verde Ranch offers a picturesque backdrop and exceptional wedding planning services to make your dream wedding a reality.


Bride and groom dancing during their wedding day outside by the lake at Tanque Verde Ranch Wedding Venue


Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming! But finding the perfect venue sets the stage for a truly unforgettable day. With desert landscapes, a range of indoor and outdoor venues, and a dedicated team of professionals, Tanque Verde Ranch is the ideal destination for your special day.


The Beauty of Desert Weddings

Bride and Groom stand in the middle of a field of saguaro's at Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, Az which is nestled against saguaro national park

There is something magical about getting married in the desert. The beauty of the landscape, with its rolling mountains, towering saguaros, and vibrant sunsets, creates a magical atmosphere for your wedding day. The desert’s natural charm and tranquility provide an unforgettable setting.  And that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. From the warm, golden colors of the sand to the vast, open skies that showcase a blanket of stars at night, a desert wedding is a truly romantic experience.


Tucson: The Perfect Destination Wedding Location


Choosing Tucson as your destination wedding location offers a multitude of benefits. Tucson provides the perfect background for a memorable celebration. Because it is known for its year-round pleasant weather and stunning desert scenery. There is a rich cultural heritage, vibrant arts scene, and a wide range of outdoor activities. So Tucson offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban charm. Your wedding guests will have the opportunity to explore the city’s attractions!

Things like:

  1.  Saguaro National Park (which Tanque Verde Ranch is adjacent to),
  2. Visit local art galleries,
  3. Indulge in southwestern cuisine
  4. And experience the warmth and hospitality that Tucson is renowned for!


Venue Locations at Tanque Verde Ranch:


Tanque Verde Ranch offers a selection of stunning venue locations that cater to every couple’s preferences and style. Each venue is thoughtfully designed to provide a unique and unforgettable experience.


The Barn: A Rustic Oasis

The barn at tanque verde ranch set up for a rustic wedding reception

The Barn is Tanque Verde Ranch’s newest event venue, combining rustic charm with modern elegance. It sits at the base of the Rincon Mountains and the rolling foothills of the National Saguaro State Park. This lager venue can accommodate up to 350 guests. And it features an exterior event lawn, a rustic bar, a massive dining room with panoramic sliding doors, and more. There are indoor and outdoor options here so you can customize your ceremony and reception to fit your vision!


Saguaro Room: Timeless Elegance

For those seeking an elegant indoor setting, the Saguaro Room is the perfect choice. The room’s 18-foot-high Saguaro ceilings have a timeless charm. Sweeping French doors open to a patio, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The Saguaro Room can be divided into three separate areas, giving options for your ceremony, reception, and other wedding activities. The Saguaro Room provides both elegance and convenience for your special day. And it has a ceiling-mounted LCD screen and complimentary Wi-Fi for a day of slide slow!


Cactus View: A Desert Paradise

Cactus View offers a unique outdoor venue that showcases the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. With its lawn, mesquite trees, and soft lights, this large location provides a magical setting for your wedding. Your guests will sit under the mesquite trees, surrounded by the desert landscape. The venue can accommodate up to 250 guests. Watching the ever-changing colors of the sunset against the backdrop of mountains and saguaros is an experience that cannot be created anywhere else. Cactus View is the picture-perfect venue for any outdoor occasion.


Lake Cochran: A Serene Oasis

Bride and groom portraits taken by lake cochren at tanque verde ranch

Imagine exchanging vows beside a tranquil lake, with mesquite trees creating a canopy overhead. Lake Cochran, one of the few lakes in Tucson, provides a gorgeous setting for your wedding. The glass-like water reflects the surrounding landscape, creating a captivating ambiance for your special day. Whether you choose to use the lake for fishing or as a backdrop for your wedding photos, Lake Cochran offers a unique and unforgettable experience. It is a hidden gem within the desert. And one of the only lakes in Tucson!


Front Lawn: Spacious and Lush

The Front Lawn at Tanque Verde Ranch offers a large and green area for various occasions. This space allows for flexible seating arrangements, accommodating both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, reception, or outdoor activities, the Front Lawn provides an inviting and memorable setting for you and your guests to enjoy.


Rincon Terrace: Breathtaking Views

The Rincon Terrace offers endless possibilities for any occasion. This outdoor venue has views of the Saguaro Forest and the Rincon Mountain Range. You can choose to set the stage for your wedding ceremony. Or you can choose to create a social hour with high-top tables, the Rincon Terrace guarantees an unforgettable experience. Witness the colors of the sunset or spend an evening under a blanket of stars, creating a magical ambiance for your celebration. The natural stone fireplace adds a desirable warmth and charm. Day or night, the Rincon Terrace provides a setting that will leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests.


Desert View Terrace: A View to Remember

With its raised vantage point, Desert View Terrace offers a truly awe-inspiring view of the surrounding landscapes. Overlooking the expanse of green lawns, mesquite trees, and mountain views, this venue provides 4480 square feet of floored space for your event. The raised view is perfect for a ceremony or reception, providing an elevated perspective for all attendees. Close your eyes and imagine your next event with a view so breathtaking that your guests couldn’t forget it if they tried. If you want to make an impression that lasts, Desert View Terrace is the place for you.


Unforgettable Wedding Experience

Bride and Groom kissing under the arch with a field of saguaros in the background

At Tanque Verde Ranch, they understand that your wedding day is more than just a ceremony and reception—it’s an experience that should be cherished for a lifetime. That’s why they offer an array of amenities and services to ensure that every aspect of your day is seamless and unforgettable. They provide expert guidance and support throughout the planning process. That gaurantees that every detail is taken care of. You and your wedding party can prepare for the day in their spacious and well-appointed bride’s and groom‘s dressing areas, allowing for a relaxed and stress-free morning.

After a day filled with love, laughter, and celebration, your guests can retire to the comfortable rooms and accommodations at Tanque Verde Ranch. The resort offers a range of options, including charming casitas, cozy guest rooms, and spacious suites, ensuring that everyone has a place to rest and rejuvenate. Extend the festivities by enjoying the resort’s amenities, such as horseback riding, guided hikes, mountain biking, or simply relaxing by the pool. Your wedding celebration can seamlessly transition into a vacation for you and your loved ones.

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